<a href="http://theidiolect.com/comics/wonder-doomsday/"><b>Wonder Doomsday</b></a><p>I find the idea of a powerful woman having to date someone more physically powerful than she is really regressive. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/munro-doctoring/"><b>Munro Doctoring</b></a><p>Word for Word converts Alice Munro’s short stories to plays without changing a word. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/edies-got-a-gun/"><b>Edie’s Got a Gun</b></a><p>The kids are all right, all by themselves.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/comics/shes-a-sensation/"><b>She’s a Sensation</b></a><p>I love the idea of Wonder Woman having all these different variants of her costume for different purposes.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/here-an-antigone/"><b>Here an Antigone, There an Antigone</b></a><p>Three Bay Area companies adapt the same Greek tragedy at the same time. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/king-richards-limp/"><b>King Richard’s Limp</b></a><p>Impact Theatre’s <em>Richard III</em> is unusually slow for either the company or the play.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/two-against-thebes/"><b>Two Against Thebes</b></a><p>African-American Shakespeare Company and the Cutting Ball Theater each reinvent <em>Antigone</em>.</p>
Idiolect: The language or speech pattern of one individual at a particular period of life.
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