<a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/cross-time-conversation/"><b>Cross-Time Conversation</b></a><p>Frederick Douglass meets Donald Rumsfeld in Andrew Saito’s <i>Mount Misery</i>.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/resonant-echo/"><b>Resonant Echo</b></a><p>Solo theater artist Echo Brown’s lighthearted dating story packs a devastating wallop. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/guvnors-is-a-ball/"><b>Guvnors Is a Ball</b></a><p>Swinging ’60s update of <em>Servant of Two Masters</em> brings belly laughs to Berkeley Rep.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/i-wish-to-go-to-the-festival/"><b>I Wish to Go to the Festival</b></a><p>The San Francisco International Arts Festival is back in full swing.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/a-knight-at-the-baths/"><b>A Knight at the Baths</b></a><p>We Players stage a bittersweet fairytale romance at the ruins of the Sutro Baths. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/return-of-the-bear/"><b>Return of the Bear</b></a><p>Lauren Gunderson’s revenge comedy <em>Exit, Pursued by a Bear</em> returns, this time in San Jose.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/comics/wonder-doomsday/"><b>Wonder Doomsday</b></a><p>I find the idea of a powerful woman having to date someone more physically powerful than she is really regressive. </p>
Idiolect: The language or speech pattern of one individual at a particular period of life.
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