<a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/northern-highlights-3/"><b>Northern Highlights</b></a><p>It’s time once again for my top 5 Marin theatrical productions of the year.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/you-tell-me-that-its-evolution/"><b>You Tell Me That It’s Evolution</b></a><p>Darwin goes beach bum in a new play at the Berkeley City Club.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/dear-frenemy/"><b>Dear Frenemy</b></a><p>A musical twist on <i>The Shop Around the Corner</i> charms at SF Playhouse. </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/george-and-martha-sad-sad-sad/"><b>George and Martha — Sad, Sad, Sad</b></a><p>The booze and barbs flow in Shotgun’s stylized new take on <em>Virginia Woolf.</em> </p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/peeling-the-onion-of-truth/"><b>Peeling the Onion of Truth</b></a><p>Christopher Chen’s <em>Caught</em> at Shotgun Players keeps peeling the onion of untruths.</p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/theater/bun-in-the-oven/"><b>Bun in the Oven, Fire in the Loins</b></a><p>Shotgun Players gets uncomfortable with Penelope Skinner’s <em>The Village Bike.</em></p> <a href="http://theidiolect.com/comics/special-amazon-holiday-delivery/"><b>Special Amazon Holiday Delivery</b></a><p>There’s nothing that says Christmas less than a hero steeped in Greek mythology—except Christmas with Thor, I guess.</p>
Idiolect: The language or speech pattern of one individual at a particular period of life.
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Northern Highlights

December 28, 2016

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December 05, 2016

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March 18, 2015

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December 23, 2013

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