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24. January, 2010 General No comments

I’m writing this on the same MacBook that suffered a meltdown yesterday morning, but with a new hard drive and a blank slate. The friendly folks at M.A.C. weren’t able to retrieve any data from my suddenly collapsed hard drive, which proved completely unresponsive.  

The next step is to drop a thousand or two to have the specialists take te drive apart in their Clean Room and try to work their magic on the disc inside, or to try this crazy home remedy that some people swear by: putting the HD in the freezer for a day inside multiple plastic bags to keep the moisture out, which supposedly will make it come back to life for maybe 20 minutes so I can try to grab what I can off it it.  People swear that it works, though they can’t say why, but the potential to damage it further worries me.  I certainly don’t have a thousand bucks to spare, but at the same time that’s three years of writing, photos and whatnot that would be lost to me if I can’t retrieve them somehow.  My gut feeling is to spend the money and take it to the pros, because it’s just not something I’m comfortable taking a chance on.

In the meantime, here I am typing on an amnesiac computer, which is mostly distressing but also a teensy bit liberating.

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